Conservative Talk Radio Prime App Reviews

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Conservative Canuk

Works well enough, but the shows are only available live, so you cant listen to them at your convenience.


This is great.

So easy

All your favs under one ap so easy so fast.


I enjoy waking up early every day and turning it on. Great line up of shows.....thanks.


So handy and easy to use. Very happy.

The best

An honest view point of our country and the world. I am tired of the liberal media , it is time to connect with and impartial source of news. Thanks


Fine app. I would like the ability to listen to shows I have missed during the day.

All hours

A bit more like Marc Levins app would bump ratings a lot I think. Rush at mis night is a seductive mix. Like your line up of personalitees. No two righties are alike.

Talk radio

Best radio app in the App Store.


Had it for a few days. Nothing works. Very disappointing.


Sorry folks, Hannity, Laura, Savage, Alex Jones!? These are not conservatives. Please update your broadcasts appropriately or rename the app!

Excellent Source for Democratic conversation

Excellent source of several talk radio shows right at your fingertips. Reception is perfect. Every channel!

Conservative talk radio

Only 2 technicalities: 1) you cant listen to a show at a time OTHER than the "live" time. 2) too often you want to listen to a show "live" and a message appears on the screen that for some unbeknownst reason the show/station is not currently available. In all fairness, there are 1 or 2 prerecorded shows that are available.

Love talk radio

I can listen to talk radio while I do other work. The ads can be irritating at times but also interesting as I can listen to the other side of the USA while I work


Great if you want to listen to 70s am music...

Talk Radio

I could not live without this app!

Nice Break

I work at a progressively more Liberal Company. This radio is a nice break from the woman who keeps reporting me for not calling her a him.

Great radio app

Works very well for the most part. Its a great way to listen to my favorite talk shows whenever I miss them on local radio.


Trying to find the best station for Rush and found this app. All my favorite talk hosts listed in one spot. Great sound quality so far. Organized and simple. Great job.

So far so good

I had to reload this app as I kept getting the "oops!" Message. Now it works just fine. Well see how it works a day or so from now.

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